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Rates of Services

Counseling Services
Currently accepting:
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • McLaren Health 
  • McLaren Medicaid
  • HAP
  • TriCare
  • Humana
  • Blue Care Network
  • Optum
  • Private Pay
  • Out of Network
  • HelpNet EAP
  • Ulliance EAP
Intake and Assessment Session
$175.00 *           Ins. Code: 90791
Individual Extended Session (60+ min)
Individual Session (45-59 min)
Individual Session (30-44 min)
$120.00 *           Ins. Code: 90837
$100.00 *           Ins. Code: 90834
 $60.00 *            Ins. Code: 90832 
*Please don't let fees stop you from seeking treatment.  
Resilience Counseling will work with you to find the most affordable care possible.

Rates for Service are amounts billed for insurance. Your     co-pay is typically similar to what you pay for a medical visit copay, after deductible. 

Victimology Program Development and Training Services
Consultation Phone Call
Training-Topical or Program Development
Pre-training Meeting
2-4 Hours Training Delivery
6-8 Hours Training Delivery
Travel Expenses
Airfare, Hotel
Covered by Sponsoring Agency/Client - When necessary. Additional $50.00 per day misc. expenses
$.50 per mile, plus $50.00 per travel day misc. expenses
Forensic Consultation Services
Forensic Consultation-Phone
Meet with forensic client &/or report
Prep time for Court Testimony -2 hours
Expert Testimony
$250.00/per forensic client interview
$300.00 per appearance/per day

Other Forensic Consultation Services can be requested.

Rates for all services are subject to change, with notice.

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