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Forest Path

Forensic Consulting

I established Resilience Counseling & Forensic Consulting, LLC in 2022.  

Dr. Tracy L. Rainey offers several forensic consulting services, including:

  • Domestic violence evaluations

  • Short-term intervention planning for Jurors impacted by criminal trials

  • Jury debriefing

  • Diagnosis and Recommended Treatment for Insurance

  • Juvenile Interviews for Courts/Probation, including CSC and  

  • Emotional/traumatic injury consultation

  • Expert Testimony on several topics, including:

    • Domestic Violence​

    • Sexual Assault Recovery

    • The Neurobiology of Trauma

    • Trauma and Memory

    • Recantation

    • Victimology 

If you have a need for forensic consultation, please call or email.  Only cases that fall into areas of expertise professional expertise of Dr. Rainey will be considered.

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